LOA Daily - Getting Help When You Need It The Most

April 13th, 2020

Getting Help When You Need It The Most

Linda, Rita, and Walt carry on a wide-ranging discussion, sharing
stories and insights about getting answers from spirit, interacting with
energy, the importance of breathing, meditation, and a host of
do-it-yourself activities that you can put into practice right away.

We begin by continuing the discussion from the previous show about how
modern medicine is beginning to embrace meditative breathing techniques
to help people in critical condition due to the epidemic as ventilators
prove to be counterproductive to their patients.

We soon move on to learning about how to receive messages from the
non-physical, how to connect to energy, visualization and dreams, and a
host of other related topics.

This is a truly high-vibrational episode, or as Rita pointed out, it’s a
high-sync episode.

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