LOA Daily - Firing Customers and Beyond Wealth

July 8th, 2020

Firing Customers and Beyond Wealth

Walt tells of a rare experience he and Louise had with her gardening
business today, and Dan follows up a little later in the show with a
bunch of fabulous free giveaway stuff for our listeners. You gotta
listen to this one all the way through, because they’re interspersed
throughout the show.

First, though, hear why it’s valuable to fire a customer. We haven’t had
to do it more than a handful of times in the many years that Gardens By
Louise has existed, but we had to do it today, and it was absolutely the
best decision we could have made.

After that, Dan shares an absolutely delicious-sounding recipe for
cabbage while ragging on vegans (what did they ever do to you, Dan?),
and it sounds like a recipe Louise and Walt have to try.

Then, after Walt lets everyone know that the Android version of the LOA
Today app is actually working correctly and that his earlier fears that
it was failing to update the playlist were unfounded.

This leads Dan to decide on the spot to start offering all of these free
gifts to our listeners! These include:

Risk-free access to his Beyond Wealth workshop this weekend. You can try
it out, and if you don’t like it or if it’s just not right for you, let
him know and he’ll cancel the charge instantly. He tells us there’s even
a great big cancel button listeners can press on their own. Sign up at
He also promises to give us two of his money/wealth programs for the LOA
Today app, which will get included in the next version of the app. So if
you use an Android phone, download the app now.
Finally he offers the first five listeners who send a message to Dan,
Alyx, or Walt to get a free t-shirt that says, “Let it go. Let it flow.”
Alyx tells Dan about the “greatest hits” episodes of Supernatural that
she gave Walt to watch.

Then Alyx’s mic goes into the upper octaves for awhile so that it’s like
hearing her through a 1920’s radio.

If you aren’t having fun listening to all this high-vibe stuff, it’s not
for lack of trying on our part!

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