LOA Daily - Dr. Anne Jensen Presents Heartspeak

June 17th, 2020

Dr. Anne Jensen Presents Heartspeak

Dr. Anne Jensen is the creator of Heartspeak, which she has been
teaching for more than 15 years, and she gives us a practical
demonstration of it on the show today.

HeartSpeak is an exciting new emotional healing and stress reduction
tool she developed with the premise that there are two parts to the
mind: The Logical Mind and the Emotional Mind. Our Emotional Mind is
often the seeker of ‘truth’ that is so often drowned by our Logical
Mind. Yet being separated from your truth is one of the classic triggers
of anxiety, depression and self-loathing.

She begins by doing a clearing with us that helps Walt in particular to
extend how far he can pivot his neck to the side, simply by focusing on

She also guides us through another exercise to rid ourselves of past
anger-driven events that have continued to linger in our unconscious
minds. Listeners are invited to participate with us at home as she takes
us through the steps to clear these emotions.

Dr. Jensen is a clinical researcher and a published author on emotional
healing and stress reduction. She holds a DPhil (PhD) in Evidence-based
Health Care through the University of Oxford in the UK.

After graduating from New York Chiropractic College in 1993, Dr. Jensen
migrated to Australia, where she spent 11 years in private practice in
North Queensland. During that time she furthered her interests in sports
performance and mind/body well-being by obtaining her Sports
Chiropractic Diploma and a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical
Psychology. Upon receiving an offer to pursue advance studies at the
University of Oxford, she left Australia for the United Kingdom, first
obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Performance and an MSc in
Evidence-based Social Interventions, and then a Masters in Psychology.
Her research interests lie in the relationship between stress and
emotions and health and behavior.

Dr. Jensen also maintains a private practice consulting with people from
around the world, where the focus of her practice is stress reduction
and mind/body wellness.

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