LOA Daily - Confessions Of A Liar

November 13th, 2020

Confessions Of A Liar

Alyx and Walt answer a post on Facebook by a guy who hates himself as he
confesses to all of his worst traits.

So I’m going through a season of confusion of who I am currently. And
here are some truthful and ugly traits of my personality that I don’t
like about myself and I need some help and tips in manifesting the
better me.

The ugly and honest traits.

I’m a full blown liar. I do it to get attention and to get my way. Heck
I even do it just to have something in common so the other person
doesn’t feel left out.
It’s hard for me to be focused. I love to do different activities, such
as tik toks, writing songs or short stories. I love to study marketing
and many other corporate and business topics. It comes to a point where
I just don’t know what to focus on. Like for example I want to build a
social media marketing agency, but I also want to become and actor and a
songwriter; I just don’t know where to put my focus on.
I’m not responsible, from paying bills to falling through a commitment.
I’d rather just do me the way I like to. Laying around eating cheetos
pretty much.
I’m shy around women, when it comes to making friends to hopefully go on
a date I go full blown chicken lol.
I have many other disgusting traits that I hate about myself. Please
don’t discourage me by saying once a liar always a liar, I’m trying to
break that…. I just hate who I am.

We go through his post step-by-step, and we agree that the first step
for him has to be to work on what he writes about hating himself. He
needs first and foremost to work on building his own self-esteem

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