LOA Daily - Concluding Your Faith Is Your Fortune, by Neville Goddard, Chapters 26 and 27

May 9th, 2019

Concluding Your Faith Is Your Fortune, by Neville Goddard, Chapters 26 and 27

It’s hard to believe that our journey with this book has come to a close. Neville, of course, saves the best for last.

This is Neville in his glory, and we do our best to keep up with all of the parallels, bridges, and connections that he draws.

As with everything else that Neville discusses, the story of Gethsemane is a psychological drama in his estimation, and he draws the various parallels showing that drama.

But it’s the concluding chapter that really ties the book together. Entitled, “A Formula For Victory,” he takes the Joshua story and re-tells it as a metaphor for knowing … really knowing … what you want without giving any thought at all to how it’s going to come to pass.

This chapter also contains Neville’s version of the classic three-step process:

Define your objective, but not the manner of obtaining it, with the objective of knowing exactly what it is that you desire, of having a clear mental picture of it.
Take your attention away from the obstacles that separate you from attaining it. Or as Abraham would put it, pivot away from what you don’t want to focusing on what you want.
Close your eyes and FEEL that you are already in the state of having claimed that objective.
After defining his three-step process, he then concludes by discussing the absolute importance of stillness in the mind, in one’s consciousness. By remaining still, we let the power of our consciousness do its work to complete the task as we watch the realization of our objective in the physical world.

Cindie and Walt also parenthetically discuss the concepts of wanting, desiring, choosing, and claiming, pointing to the two-ended stick metaphor and how it informs our understanding of those words.

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