LOA Daily - Compassion and The Law of Attraction

June 9th, 2020

Compassion and The Law of Attraction

There are a couple of ways to look at compassion. The Western way
derives the word “compassion” from the Latin word “compassio” meaning
“suffering with”, but the Buddhist or Eastern way of understanding
compassion defines the word to be more like “loving kindness”.

In Buddhist teaching, compassion and wisdom form a sort of a circular
connection with one feeding the other.

Uohna gives us some of the scientific understanding of the Eastern
definition and makes the point repeatedly that she believes one of the
reasons we came to this physical world is to practice compassion.

Certainly, the high-vibration nature of loving kindness is the best
place to be compassionate from, because we really can’t help those who
require compassion from a low-vibration place without risking the
introduction of all kinds of unintended and undesirable side-effects.

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