LOA Daily -Chronic Pelvic and Knee Pain

February 16th, 2021

Louis goes AWOL today, but Ami and Walt bravely soldier on.

We field a question from Sarah asking about chronic pelvic pain (for
herself) and chronic knee pain (for her mother).

She writes:

“Hello! Following jetsetter11’s example I’d like to go into a specific
physical issue.

“I’ve noticed my pelvis has been stiff for some time. I’d love to hear
different ways to work on this (yoga? jin shin jyutsu? acupressure?

“Also, I’d love for the show to go into the topic of the meaning behind
different parts of the body and behind the issues they portray.

“For example, what does the pelvis translate to on a
psychological/spiritual/energetic level, and what message are pelvic
issues trying to get across to the people that are having them?

“Other example: my mother regularly has pain in her left knee, and every
time she falls down – which is often because of her poor balance, also
an interesting topic to explore – she falls on this knee.

“I don’t think I’ve heard this theme be explored on the show in the 6
months I’ve been listening and find it very interesting, and something a
lot of people could benefit from knowing about.

“Thank you!”

The usual legal disclaimer always applies. We are not medical doctors,
and the advice given here is purely educational and should not be
construed as being medical in nature. For all medical situations,
consult a qualified medical specialist.

Here is the book Walt references during the show: A Headache In The
Pelvis https://www.hayhouse.com/a-headache-in-the-pelvis-audiobook

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