LOA Daily - Change Your Mindset

March 10th, 2021

We got a really nice email from an anonymous listener last week that we
read to start the show.

Then Walt reads an email from Daniel asking for help on behalf of his

“My mother in law Vickie wanted me to send in a question for Dean.

“She doesn’t have internet access and barely a cell signal where she
lives, so I told her I would send it for her.

“Right now she is about early retirement age, and she is having trouble
seeing any path towards being in a healthy financial situation.

“She wanted to ask ‘if they see any path choices for me ahead
(financially) and if I will have any serious health issues.’

“She told me she had just got a bunch of tests run this morning and has
more later this week. She also doesn’t know how she is going to survive
and be independent.

“I don’t know if this is relevant, but I’m trying to fill in as much as
I know.

“We are looking into making a tiny home out of our garage for her as an

“Her birthday is Saturday, and we are in the process of moving her to a
temporary house.

“Any information will help. Thank you! I know she enjoys the show when
she can watch it.”

We give her a lot of really great advice on the role that mindset plays
in changing your circumstances.

I also make reference to the last story in the newest addition to the
LOA Today app, the e-book, “Your Daily Dose Of Happy: Real Success
Stories Of The Law Of Attraction,” a collection of manifestation
stories. My wife, Louise and I wrote the last one together, and it’s
really appropriate for someone like Vicki who is dealing with multiple

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