LOA Daily - Carlos Tells Us A Great Manifestation Story

September 28th, 2020

Carlos Tells Us A Great Manifestation Story

Carlos Balasquide was a co-host on the show from October thru December
2018, and he returns today to tell us what happened after he left the
show. It's the story of a personal crash followed by an amazing
transformation into mammoth success in the middle of Covid.

Anyone who wonders how they're going to climb out of a tough situation
needs to hear his story.

During his story, he tells us about an app he uses to create a vision
board on his phone that he sees every time he unlocks it. If you're
interested in that app, it's called the Hay House Vision Board app and
is available for both iPhones and Android phones.

Speaking of apps, be sure to share the LOA Today app with friends by
sharing this link: https://www.loatoday.net/download

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