LOA Daily - Brutally Honest Answers

December 11th, 2020

Brutally Honest Answers

Our Thursday crew goes over the top with the brutally honest answers to
give some tough love today to questions raised by listeners.

Barbie asked:

“What is the very best way you have learned to ‘detach yourself from the
outcome’? Manifesting is a practice and some days I’m better at it than

Indrė asked:

Is it possible that you manifest and get something else? But maybe it
leads to something better?

Nicole asked:

“I finally understood what was blocking me in manifesting a job to
maintain me while evolving my art business: the thought of doing
something I don’t like or working with people not passionate.

“I found out where I would like to work now!

“But they’re not looking for anyone right now.

“Where would you start to even manifest them looking for someone?”

Dani asked:

“How do we learn to identify our money blocks and let go of them to
better manifest our abundance?

“I’m struggling with low vibration lately and trying to uplift that as

Tasmyn asked:

“In these times I am struggling to find a work from home job, where I
can be with my daughter and continue to work in case we have another
lockdown, so I can be there for her and still earn a wage to support my

“I have ideas, but then I get stuck again!”

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