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October 21st, 2020

Ask The Stream

Our listener questions were a lot of fun to explore today.

First, David and Walt tackled this question from Sahasrara55 via YouTube:

Today I went looking for this [episode] because a friend and me are
interested in testing The Money Game that is often mentioned.

Lack is an important term in this story, which brings me to my own
story. My father is someone who weighs every purchase carefully and
mainly buys things because of their practical use. And even then,
there’s an internal discussion, a need to convince himself. Oddly
enough, he makes decent money, which seems to make the weighing exercise
redundant, but obviously doesn’t, and which doesn’t seem to coincide
with his world view of lack.

I took over this stance and still live it today. I was raised to not
waste water, electricity and other resources and apply it to the degree
of denying myself things I’d like and fussing about it all day every day.

Listening to this episode rekindled a thought about the environmental
movement, and whether this movement is something that people perceive
more when living in a state of lack. My boyfriend for instance buys what
makes him happy, and I sometimes berate him for it, poor guy, while I
should probably follow his example.

It is hard, though, to ignore these “facts” that I perceive of planetary
resources being limited. But I guess LOA states that I only perceive
them because of my state of mind. Does this mean that others don’t
perceive it, or less? Could you explore this topic in the future?

Then David connected to The Stream, which answered these listener questions:

Jim Corman asked, “What thoughts do I need to detune in order to
manifest excellent health for my wife? I am working on taking 100%
responsibility for every aspect of my life, so if my wife has chronic
illness there must be something in my vibration that is allowing it, or
it would not be so.”

Jeanine asked, “Please explain how my high vibration helps my senior
clients transition? Thank you!”

And Avi asked, “I was wondering about crop circles. Are the perfect crop
circles made by extraterrestrial beings?”

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