LOA Daily - Appreciating Transgressors

December 9th, 2020

Appreciating Transgressors

The Stream takes questions from four listeners on a variety of topics,
and the common denominator to all of the responses is the power of
appreciating transgressors. It’s a tough prescription, but you’ll hear
why it’s so powerful in this episode.

Maneesha asked:

“Recently I have been interested in how to heal from past experiences /
traumas and how to get rid of our negative thought patterns to release
stuck trauma from our bodies.

“What have you guys done?

“What worked for you?

“I am open to any idea honestly.

“I watched this YouTube video of Peter Levine talking about how trauma
gets stored in our bodies, and I feel like I have trauma stored as well.

“Would love to know different methods on how to heal! 💕💕💕

Grace asked a question from our livestream about challenges she is
having with her SP who is becoming transgender. This has led her to feel
that he has deceived and misled her over the years, and she’s pretty
upset about it. The Stream’s reply is one she will probably need to play
repeatedly in order to really grasp all that she was told by them.

Next came a question from a college student:

Sumaiya asked:

“How can I manifest a car by myself without money!?

“Is it even possible when I am a student?

“Sometimes I feel so down. How can i get that much money to buy a car by

“I want to buy my own car with my own money, without my parents’ help.

“Please share you manifestation story and experience if you have..😊

“My dream car – Audi A8”

This was an exceptionally synchronistic question, because David himself
manifested a new car for himself with no money when he was a teenager!

Finally, we have this question from Jim:

“When I was younger I manifested a higher income than I do now.

“I had better health than now.

“To return to higher income and better health, should I focus on feeling
how I did before or visualize a better now as I want it to be?

“Should I accept what is, as a season of polarity, and find appreciation
for expansion through what will be eventual overcoming in my life?

“Or should I strive and work for improvement?

“I try to answer my own questions with my own stream connection, but I
know I have beliefs in the way and need help.

“Please give me specific answers to my situation.

“I trust that you are all knowing, so you will guide me.

“Thank you so much… truly from the heart appreciation.”

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