LOA Daily - An Inspiring Message From Abby

March 23rd, 2021

Walt reads an email from a relatively new listener who is an aboriginal
woman from Australia. Her email is both heart-rending and heart-warming
at the same time.

"Good morning 😊 I hope everyone is well, happy, and healthy.

"I'm sure you must get so many emails and messages from all over the
world every day, so if for some reason my story creeps through the
cracks and is shared on your podcast, I would like to kindly ask for my
name not to be mentioned.

"A good friend of mine suggested that I listen to some podcasts to help
me with my anxiety and depression.

"She sent me a few screen shots of what she was listening to, but I
wasn't feeling it, so I had a little browse for something that would
grab my attention, and I came across your show.

"The daily dose of happiness!

"I loved the title, and there was just something about it that drew me in.

"So here I am 2 months later writing you an email and still loving it.

"I had a little laugh this morning on the podcast called, "A manifesting
story for the Ages".

"You read an email about a lady who thanked you for helping her find her
happiness, and she also asked if she could not be mentioned.

"Unfortunately it was too late because she had asked that question at
the bottom of her email, so we had already heard her story.

"I'm so happy it was read for me to hear, and I loved her gratitude.

"So in saying all of that I would also like to thank you and your guests
from the bottom of my heart for being in my life.

"I am a 31-year-old aboriginal women from Australia.

"I come from a little small town of 300 people, and I am the second
eldest of 8 children.

"I grew up in a home of alcohol and violence. My mother was an alcoholic
who suffered from a lot of mental health issues.

"It all stemmed from my parents childhood.

"My mother's mum was from the stolen generation and her father died when
she was 11.

"My dad's mum abandoned him at the age of 3, and his father was never in
his life.

"They had no love in their life, so they didn't know how to love us.
Growing up I had a lot of confusion and anger towards my parents, and
some days I wished I was born into a different family.

"I don't how or why, but I became the protector for my siblings and my
parents at a very young age. My mission was to help them get better and
change this dysfunctional cycle which was passed down through the

"I went to boarding school then scored a scholarship at university.

"Unfortunately I didn't finish my degree because I made the choice to go
home, to work, provide and protect my sibling's because they would have
been split up into different foster homes.

"Mining became my next option and I've been in this industry for the
last 10 years.

"I've always had a drive and tried to look at life positively.

"I wanted to be successful, happy and just simply enjoy life.

"I seemed ok on the outside but deep within me I had all this pain and

"I lost faith in God and myself because everything that I would do to
help my family would not change the situation we were in.

"I worked my ass off and paid for my younger siblings schooling, I paid
counselling and doctors for my mum but it would all come back to square one.

"I felt let down and thought why me? I am such a good hearted person and
I have put my life on hold for my family.

"Why can't something good come my way? I suffered silently with
depression, anxiety and I've been suicidal a number of times.

"In June 2020 my mother had finally passed away because of her alcohol

"My heart broke into a million pieces because I tried my whole life to
help her get better.

"That was my goal but because I felt like I had failed her I had a
mental break down.

"I wanted to commit suicide to be with her but I knew I couldn't because
I had an older brother who is brain damaged and 6 other younger siblings
and my dad still here on earth.

"When everything had slowed down after mums passing I gathered my
strength to go back to work.

"I had a moment in silence and reflected on her life.

"I cried and cried and cried because in that moment I felt her pain, and
I feel that that was the moment I had my awakening experience.

"This was the moment that pushed me even harder to stop all of this pain
and try to find something different that will help me heal.

"Everything was always there right in front of me, I just didn't see it.

"Your show has changed my life.

"I am still in debt.

"I am still helping my family get through life and there are a lot of
obstacles that I still haven't conquered, but you know what?

"I'm ok.

"For the first time in my life I feel an inner peace and happiness
within me.

"I have let go of all the pain, accepted the past and I want to enjoy
the rest of my years here on earth.

"I now look at the positives more then the negatives.

"One positive story out of all of this is that even though my mother
didn't know how to show her children love, I gave it to her.

"I gave it to my siblings.

"Mum would sit there awkward and not know how to respond, but I was

"I just kept telling her I loved her and gave her cuddles and on our
last Christmas together before mum past away, she surprised me by asking
me if she could have a hug and told me she loved me.

"No money in the world could have taken that beautiful moment away from me.

"Today is the day I start my diploma in social services.

"I was born to help better people's lives, and I am super excited to be
studying this area.

"I have this amazing feeling that life is going to be wonderful for me.

"Sending the biggest cuddles and love to you all.


Wow! Louis and Walt were blown away by the amazing transformation this
woman has been making in the midst of an overwhelmingly
"contrast-filled" life!

Louis also talks about the real meaning of the word "responsibility".

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