LOA Daily - Ami Is Back!

January 19th, 2021

Ami Is Back!

Ami rejoins the Monday team after a two week absence, and the three of
us continue as before without missing a beat.

We start with two emails from Deborah. The first is about last week’s
show with Louis and Walt:

“LOVED Louis’ story about how he found his Kung Fu instructor; talk
about when the student is ready the teacher will appear! Reminiscent of
the Carlos Castaneda books or “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”.

“I guess he really taught him all he needed to know in that first lesson
of when you receive a blow getting your eyes back on the target.So when
you invite contrast, put your focus exclusively on the direction that
you want to go – on the opposite end of the stick as Abraham might say.
There’s nothing to be gained in dwelling on the blow you received but
everything to be gained in focusing on the other end of the stick, the
direction that you really want to go in. Or at least that’s how I
interpreted what he said!

“Though the discussion I felt fell slightly into the realms of naval
gazing with the “unique or not” aspect 😂 as ever it turned into another
insightful & helpful discussion, many thanks to you both!

“Oh & the punishment discussion brought to mind the subject of
restorative justice which used to interest me greatly, definitely a step
in the right direction within the present societal constraints.”

Today, Deborah sent us another topic idea before the show:

“I have just joined a writers’ group and someone brought up the subject
of aphantasia, the inability to form a mental image, and I’m pretty sure
this is something I heard you allude to a few years ago??

“This has really sparked an interest in me as it’s something that I’ve
always had too, I’m able to conjure an extremely vague picture but if I
try to focus on it, it sorts of slips off the page, melts away, it’s
extremely vague anyway almost to the point that it’s barely there, in
fact I’m not even sure that the image is there at all, or if it’s just
that I know that I know what it looks like! If that makes any sort of sense…

“Anyway, I certainly don’t consider it as a negative attribute but it
has made me ponder – a lot!- how it affects our perception of the world,
as we are all creating our realities, it’s all in the perception and
evidently ours is very different to most, I just read that only about 3%
of the population perceive (or don’t!) in this way.

“So many possible repercussions; I see why words have always been HUGE
for me, and have always attached such great importance to them. In what
I’ve read so far about this, which admittedly isn’t much, people aren’t
talking about the FEELING aspect of those who don’t clearly see images
in their mind’s eye. For me, that’s massive, when for example Abraham
talks about conjuring up a feeling of joy, boom, I’m right there, I
wonder if we actually feel things more intensely as a result of this
attribute (don’t want to say “condition”!) If we can’t picture
something, we naturally turn our attention to how it feels to us.

“Anyway, just thought it might possibly be an area of interest for
discussion, or not! I sort of imagined Louis possibly having fun with
this one.”

We then start discussing aphantasia and quickly transition to lucid
dreaming. Talk about shifting!

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