LOA Daily - A Visit With Luq Murtaza

December 15th, 2021

TYA Mentor Luq Murtaza joins Bridget and Walt on the show today, and he
shares his truly inspiring personal story.

Can you imagine being a Muslim man from Pakistan who discovers that he’s
gay in a country where homosexuality is illegal?

And then can you imagine being in an arranged marriage that produces a
daughter, and you’re told by your ex-wife that you can never see your
daughter again?

And then can you imagine traveling back to Pakistan, risking your life
in the process, just to see your daughter?

And then can you imagine being arrested on a trumped up charge for
breaking and entering arranged by your ex-wife, then being interrogated
about your homosexuality by a police force bent on throwing you in
prison or worse?

And finally, can you imagine successfully getting released, seeing your
daughter, and then returning to the United States?

It doesn’t get any more inspiring than that, folks!

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