LOA Daily - A Quick Conversation About Fantastic Fungi

August 9th, 2021

Debbie G. is the heroine of the day when she pulls over by the side of
the road on her travels back to California to do today’s show.

What a trooper!

Walt kicks the show off by talking about a film he and his wife, Louise
saw the night before on NetFlix called Fantastic Fungi.

This is truly a must-see film by director Louie Schwartzberg.

A large portion of the film focuses on the life experience of Paul
Stamets, an amateur mycologist and author who has pioneered much of the
most impressive research in the field of mushrooms and fungi.

It educates the audience about the many truly remarkable ways that
mushrooms influence our lives every day, and I don’t just mean magic

Debbie also shares a story about a troubling text she received and how
it made her really confront her own role in how she creates her life

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