LOA Daily - 06.23.21

June 23rd, 2021

A Visit From Qat Wanders

First of all, what a great name she has: Qat Wanders. I mean, seriously!
And it’s her given name!

But that’s only where the fun begins.

Shelly and Walt both agree that this is a must-listen episode.

A former circus performer, prolific author and editor, skydiver, TYA
coach, and “sexpert”, Qat tells us some fascinating pieces of her life
story, and she gives us a really up-close look at what it’s like to be
on the inside of the TYA community.

She was with David Strickle from the beginning, and he’s also the
co-author of his upcoming book.

But the thing that sticks with you the most when you listen to her is
her incredibly clear, deep sense of self-honesty.

Qat is truly a pleasure to interview.

We’ll be having her back again some time!

Dean McMurray will be back with us next week.

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