LOA Daily - Special Guest: Allan Bowman

April 9th, 2019

Shelly invited Allan Bowman to join us on the show today. Allan is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner and Mindset/Lifestyle Attainment Coach.  He shared some of the amazing successes he's been experiencing with his Total Freedom Living workshops where he teaches his students how to use the LOA practices that he has found to be amazingly successful in his own life.

After Allan described to us how he teaches people to get to their "zero point" in identifying and embracing their high-vibration side, we took some audience questions as well.

Kevin from our livestream audience posted this question: "First I'm new to this. I've been meditating every night before bed. I try to put myself in a good positive place, but I get flooded with hatred, jealousy, and horrible negative stuff mostly focused on people close  to me and my family. This continues into my dreams when I fall asleep. Why? Is this a good thing? Am I releasing negative energy? Cleansing myself? Or will this get worse? Do I need to get to a zero point?"

Then Jacob came onto the BlueJeans platform to talk with us live and asked us about how to attract a girl he was attracted to into his life, even though she had shown no interest in him when he had broached the subject with her.

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