LOA Daily - Bidding Adieu To The Stream Of David

December 30th, 2020

Bidding Adieu To The Stream Of David

After six wonderful months of David Strickel channeling The Stream Of
David for us, David is moving on to other venues after today.

He’ll be back at some point as a guest in the future, but today we give
him a sendoff by giving The Stream the best workout we know how to give it.

As usual The Stream gives us far more in return.

Next week, I welcome Dean McMurray, The Military Medium, to the show as
a regular co-host on Tuesdays.

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LOA Daily - Email From A Listener

December 29th, 2020

Email From A Listener

Kris sends us an email raising questions about autism and the
declarations of medical science, leading to a fun discussion between
Louis and Walt.

Ami will be back next week.

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LOA Daily - Handling Holiday Stress

December 23rd, 2020

Handling Holiday Stress

David shares some of his own experiences applying TYA practices in his
own life as we discuss the various ways that people can struggle during
the holidays.

He talks about his Thanksgiving experience where his mother-in-law
criticized his gravy while she took her third helping of it.

He also tells the story about how he used to commute into San Francisco,
along with how he was so glad that he did NOT get the job of president
of the company where he worked!

There was also the story of the TYA Bootcamp client who worked on a seed
farm with some abusive co-workers. When she changed her attitude about
the co-workers, they ended up leaving, and she ended up getting hired by
a real estate company that quickly led to her becoming a millionaire!

Walt shares a story about driving into Washington, DC that also
illustrated the value of letting go of transgressors.

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LOA Daily - Holiday Questions

December 22nd, 2020

Holiday Questions

We start off with an Abraham-Hicks quote that urges us to spend more
time imagining and less time doing.

We also discuss a question from a listener about when we miss noticing
data points.

Ami identifies a popular but false concept many people believe in that
things must get worse before they get better.

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LOA Daily - Prelude To The Holiday Season

December 21st, 2020

Prelude To The Holiday Season

We begin by answering a question Sarah posted on YouTube about last
week’s show regarding hypnotism.

Then Rita answers an inquiry from Bridg, who expressed her appreciation
for previous answers that Rita and Military Psychic Dean McMurray
previously gave her.

Finally, Walt asks Rita for her take about a miscellaneous group of
topics that, somewhat surprisingly, end up all dovetailing beautifully

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LOA Daily - ARAS, Data Filtering, Autism, Action, and Manifestation

December 18th, 2020

ARAS, Data Filtering, Autism, Action, and Manifestation

Walt reads an email from Deborah about how much she loved last week’s show.

Then he picks Dan’s and Alyx’s brains about a variety of topics related
to his development as a public speaker.

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LOA Daily - The Roseto Effect

December 15th, 2020

The Roseto Effect

We begin by addressing a question from Sarah about hypnosis.

Then we dive deep into our main topic. Roseto, Pennsylvania was founded
by Italian immigrants to America in 1912, and it ended up providing
something of a mystery for the medical field in the mid-1950s and 1960s
because, despite the fact that they did everything wrong from the
perspective of modern medicine in terms of eating properly and taking
care of themselves, the entire town managed to have the lowest rate of
heart disease and heart attacks of any town in the nation.

This happened at time when heart attacks were the #1 killers in the
country each year.

When researchers investigated, they found that it was the
community-driven mindset of the residents themselves that produced this
and other remarkable medical results. That drives the conversation among
the three of us on today’s show.

After asking all of the 1,600 residents of the small town hundreds of
questions each on topics regarding diet, lifestyle, exercise, career,
etc., researchers from the University of Oklahoma concluded that their
remarkable health was due primarily to having retained their old-world
cultural values of community and cooperation.

This happened despite the fact that they ate high-carb,
high-cholesterol, high-fat diets, smoked cigars, drank sometimes to
excess, worked high-stress jobs, and basically did everything “wrong”
from the modern perspective!

LOA Daily - Brutally Honest Answers

December 11th, 2020

Brutally Honest Answers

Our Thursday crew goes over the top with the brutally honest answers to
give some tough love today to questions raised by listeners.

Barbie asked:

“What is the very best way you have learned to ‘detach yourself from the
outcome’? Manifesting is a practice and some days I’m better at it than

Indrė asked:

Is it possible that you manifest and get something else? But maybe it
leads to something better?

Nicole asked:

“I finally understood what was blocking me in manifesting a job to
maintain me while evolving my art business: the thought of doing
something I don’t like or working with people not passionate.

“I found out where I would like to work now!

“But they’re not looking for anyone right now.

“Where would you start to even manifest them looking for someone?”

Dani asked:

“How do we learn to identify our money blocks and let go of them to
better manifest our abundance?

“I’m struggling with low vibration lately and trying to uplift that as

Tasmyn asked:

“In these times I am struggling to find a work from home job, where I
can be with my daughter and continue to work in case we have another
lockdown, so I can be there for her and still earn a wage to support my

“I have ideas, but then I get stuck again!”

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LOA Daily - Appreciating Transgressors

December 9th, 2020

Appreciating Transgressors

The Stream takes questions from four listeners on a variety of topics,
and the common denominator to all of the responses is the power of
appreciating transgressors. It’s a tough prescription, but you’ll hear
why it’s so powerful in this episode.

Maneesha asked:

“Recently I have been interested in how to heal from past experiences /
traumas and how to get rid of our negative thought patterns to release
stuck trauma from our bodies.

“What have you guys done?

“What worked for you?

“I am open to any idea honestly.

“I watched this YouTube video of Peter Levine talking about how trauma
gets stored in our bodies, and I feel like I have trauma stored as well.

“Would love to know different methods on how to heal! 💕💕💕

Grace asked a question from our livestream about challenges she is
having with her SP who is becoming transgender. This has led her to feel
that he has deceived and misled her over the years, and she’s pretty
upset about it. The Stream’s reply is one she will probably need to play
repeatedly in order to really grasp all that she was told by them.

Next came a question from a college student:

Sumaiya asked:

“How can I manifest a car by myself without money!?

“Is it even possible when I am a student?

“Sometimes I feel so down. How can i get that much money to buy a car by

“I want to buy my own car with my own money, without my parents’ help.

“Please share you manifestation story and experience if you have..😊

“My dream car – Audi A8”

This was an exceptionally synchronistic question, because David himself
manifested a new car for himself with no money when he was a teenager!

Finally, we have this question from Jim:

“When I was younger I manifested a higher income than I do now.

“I had better health than now.

“To return to higher income and better health, should I focus on feeling
how I did before or visualize a better now as I want it to be?

“Should I accept what is, as a season of polarity, and find appreciation
for expansion through what will be eventual overcoming in my life?

“Or should I strive and work for improvement?

“I try to answer my own questions with my own stream connection, but I
know I have beliefs in the way and need help.

“Please give me specific answers to my situation.

“I trust that you are all knowing, so you will guide me.

“Thank you so much… truly from the heart appreciation.”

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LOA Daily - Ami Is Back and More About Vaccines

December 8th, 2020

Ami Is Back and More About Vaccines

Ami Blackford returns after an extensive absence, and it’s like she
never left.

She tells us about some of the things she learned during the move she
made with her husband, Lance, into a new home during that time away.

We also read a couple of emails from listeners in response to last
week’s show about vaccines.

Deborah writes:

“Many thanks to both you and Louis for the fascinating discussion on
yesterday’s show.

“Also very remiss of me not to have thanked you both for the in-depth
answer to my question last week, it was very much appreciated.

“Yesterday’s show took me to so many fascinating places it’s hard to
know where to begin so please forgive the length of this message! 😱

“Firstly the discussion of Carolyn Myss’s work (I believe that’s the
correct spelling) was so interesting and it very much brought to mind a
show you did a couple of years ago, I think it might possibly have been
with Joel in which he described the placebo effect; giving the example
of a friend of his who had been misdiagnosed with a terminal disease and
within a week was in such a physically debilitated state he was on the
point of dying and was then told that he had been misdiagnosed and made
a complete recovery.

“The energy work of Dr Myss is of course reminiscent of that of Rita and
Linda, how wonderful to have your two very own exponents of this
massively important & interesting area.

“Of course, as they are always saying, we all have this innate ability
and will eventually realise this as they are always encouraging us to do.

“Yes, of course, the pro and anti-vaccine stances reduce us to such an
elemental duality when we should be “pro probing” as you so eloquently
put it.

“And yes energetically it makes total sense that the vaccine would work
for those who believe in it and likewise Louis was right in that
energetically we should also be able to counteract energetically the
effects of anything that is physically put into us.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be arguing for my limitations, as Abraham might say,
in voicing that this is a stumbling block for me because I don’t feel
that my vibration is such that it could yet dominate the fear that not
having a choice in the matter generates within me and the feeling that
our bodies’ sovereignty should not be assaulted.

“Another thought the discussion generated was that of us as the
microcosm of the macrocosm which in and of itself is a whole subject
area… I also feel that medical doctors should be recompensed for not
giving out drugs!

“I worked as a professional diver for years in Mexico and was horrified
at the amount of drugs that fit, young people, the vast majority from
the U.S., put down on their medical waivers.

“They fairly rattled as they jumped off the dive boat.

“The UK is, of course, slavishly following suit.

“And yes, it is inconceivable yet true that we put our bodies in the
hands of medical doctors who, to cite just one area … nutrition, are
following a tiny amount of advice based on an outrageously erroneous
food pyramid.

“Just the fact that the health industry could ever be conceived of as a
business model based on profit is, in and of itself, totally mind blowing.

“I loved Louis’s example of the book, “Dead doctors don’t lie”.

“So interesting that even such an advanced creator as Louis still has
physical issues to overcome, even Esther has her own.

“Of course. we all do. We are still within this dimension.

“That’s also a big part of the beauty of being here, that sense of
excitement that Louis expresses so powerfully, because on this physical
plane we are all taking such baby steps.

“What there is for us to learn and to experience is beyond our current
comprehension, which is very bloody exciting.

“This Abraham excerpt I love and coincidentally speaks about eyesight,
everything is a product of your vibrational stance.

“I guess ultimately it all comes back to TRUST that everything is
working out for me and for all of us on, as David [Strickle] would say,
this weekend break here on this beautiful earth. Aargh!

“Sorry it’s so long, but you can see you inspired at least one listener!

“In huge of appreciation as always,


Barbie asks:

“I want to thank you for your diligence.

“Thanks for the rampage of gratitude last week – great job!

“Can you and Louis expand on the thought behind NOT taking the new
vaccine as it rolls out? If it gives people a percentage chance of
surviving Covid, why would it be something to decline or push off
taking? This is not the first I have heard this point of view but I
still cannot understand it.

“I’m surviving Covid AND the vaccine either way but want to understand
that perspective.


“Stay healthy.”

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